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Welcome to TEPal.biz Manual Click Surfing Traffic Exchange Network from Philadelphia.

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Regular Click Surfing and "Standard Splash Page" Views Contests with PayPal Payouts.

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Our Manual Website Traffic System is for surfing to view other Members Sites and earn advertising or promotion credits. Allocate them to your Sites, Banners or Text Ads to have them shown often. Or just purchase advertising or promotion credits via PayPal secure payment system. It's easy and effective.

Every Member has the unique opportunity to earn cash payments (via PayPal) from winning in our New Members Referral Contests or Manual Click Surfing Contests.

Earn even more from your Membership Participation.

Every TEPal.biz Member can earn extra credits when they refer new Members who join and activate their Membership Account. Refer new Members to TEPal.biz. If your direct downline member purchase you may earn. Easy Manual Surfing. Advertisers and Surfers access our easy to use Website. Easy Referral Resources and easy PayPal Payments. Every TEPal.biz Member can earn cash payments from our Surfing and other Contests.

Free Membership Features include:

  •   Join for FREE. No cost or payment to join.
  •   Easy quick surfing from our Surf Bar Area.
  •   Surf to earn 0.5 credits per Website viewed.
  •   Surf when ever you want. No log-in surfing.
  •   Get 500 Bonus Credits on Account Sign-up.
  •   Receive 250 Bonus Credits per new Referral.
  •   Advertise 468x60 size Banner Ads Site wide.
  •   And also advertise Text Ads shown Site wide.
  •   Get Free 1,000 Points for Purchase Exchange.
  •   And use the FREE Points at the Credit Shop.
  •   More extra benefits on each Account Upgrade.
  •   Win Credits or PayPal Pay from our Contests.
  •   Request withdrawal payout at US$5 minimum.

Get access to lots of benefits.
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Easy Manual Surfing:

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Easy PayPal Payments:

Every TEPal.biz Member can earn cash payments from our Surfing and Referral Contests.